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Our View: Happy Thanksgiving

Two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, it still may not seem like there is a lot for which to be thankful.

As a country, we continue to struggle with many things, from our health and the environment to the economy and supply chain woes. There are a lot of obstacles for us to overcome.

But unlike Thanksgiving a year ago, when many of us couldn’t be with family, there is plenty for which we can look upon as positives. Our children are attending school in their classrooms. Vaccines have made it safer for us to congregate. We can go to concerts, ball games and the movies. And more businesses are open.

Yes, today we are in a considerably better place. We can gather with our family, friends and neighbors. Those around the dinner table are likely those who lead the list of people who mean the most to us. We are thankful to be able to be around each other again. We need that closeness, that special sense of family and togetherness. Thank goodness, right?

And now that we are enjoying this Thanksgiving, let’s also take a breath and choose to accept and demonstrate more positivity as a community. During the pandemic, we have witnessed too many cases of public anger, frustration and hostility toward each other. Too often the target has been those whose job it is to serve the public at restaurants, teachers and school administrators, grocery workers, flight attendants, delivery people and customer service representatives, among many others. They don’t deserve such negative attention.

Let’s be better toward each other. As we have reported too often during the pandemic, these service workers are our neighbors. They, too, are frustrated, often having to do the job of two or three people themselves because of the worker shortage nearly every business and organization is experiencing these days.

Let’s give these service workers a break, and thank them for the work they do on our behalf.

Today, on Thanksgiving, let’s consider our lives as a whole. What have we to be thankful for? Who makes our lives better? How should we be showing them our appreciation? How can we show our neighbors our respect and genuine empathy? And once we have positive answers to those questions, let’s keep those kind thoughts going throughout the months ahead.

Happy Thanksgiving.