Letter: Huntley School District 158 election concerns


Huntley School District 158 has a number of candidates running for school board. Four of these candidates are running with the support of the McHenry County Citizens for Lower Taxes.

This organization’s website is no more than a campaign arm for this block of candidates. The website’s talking points revolve around a perceived lack of responsiveness by the school board and lower district test scores.

Test scores are a direct reflection on the effects of the COVID pandemic. Teaching remotely had a huge impact on learning and as a result test scores. Many school districts in Illinois have suffered academically because of the pandemic.

Strong public schools benefit us all. I want an educated workforce. Educating our children requires money. Teachers need to be compensated for their hard work. To think we can get by on the cheap is misguided.

We can support our school district by electing a school board that honors their fiduciary responsibility, hires the best educators and gives those educators the tools to do their job.

We don’t need the McHenry County Citizens for Lower Taxes block of candidates (Bittman, Murray, Galligar and Thompson) on our school board.

Phil Heil