Letter: Thank you Terri Greeno


Thank you McHenry County Board member Terri Greeno for alerting us to the fact that her fellow board member, Kelli Wegener (who happens to be a Democrat), “has done nothing to advance the (gun control) conversation and has further divided our community,” by resorting “to deploying the old Democrat playbook when it comes to people with whom they disagree,” having had the audacity to refer to some of our county citizens as “extremists” because they oppose the ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines, a ban, Ms. Greeno further reminds us, that was passed by a Democrat-controlled legislature and signed into law by a Democrat governor.

Thank goodness we have board members like Greeno. Without vigilant board members like her we’d be at the mercy of Democrats who, if they had their way, would take away our guns, tell us which bathroom we can use, what to teach in school, what books to read, even what to think.

Thank you Terri Greeno for standing up for real American values. I feel much safer.

Don Metivier


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