Letter: The gun ban law won’t protect us from criminals


The supposed intent of the gun ban law is to make us all safe. After the governor signed it, did you feel safer? Did you sleep better last night?

The actual intent of the ban is to remove all small arms from civilian ownership. The Second Amendment deals with this because the men who wrote it understood that a defenseless citizenry is the breeding ground for dictators to take control.

Law enforcement personnel, from the lowest rank to the state attorney, make value judgments every day. If they didn’t, everyone of us would be driving 45 mph in a 45 mph speed zone, and every arrest would automatically result in prosecution.

Why didn’t you cry foul when cities decided to become sanctuary cities for illegal aliens? Where was your outrage then?

If you believe that this law will make us safer, you are mistaken. Criminals do not respect the law. Why don’t you call the governor of California and ask him how gun control is working for them?

Criminals do not get FOID cards. They don’t go through the same training and licensing process as law-abiding citizens.

Criminals don’t care about anyone but themselves. The only thing that will stop a criminal threat to your life is force. Once you understand this, you will do the right thing, arm yourself, and join those of us who are willing to stand up for what is right.

Sleep tight.

Randy Illg