Letter: Do your job, Sheriff Tadelman


I supported Robb Tadelman when he ran for McHenry County sheriff, in part because I thought he would not improperly allow politics to sway his decision-making. I might have been terribly wrong in my assessment.

Recently, Tadelman announced that he was not going to enforce a law that was passed by the Illinois Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Pritzker.

Tadelman says he is going to ignore the law; he is not going to enforce the provisions of the law. Along with other members of his and my political party, Tadelman claims he is not going to enforce the law because he believes it is unconstitutional.

It does not matter that Tadelman claims that he believes the new law is unconstitutional. He is not a lawyer, and even if he were, Tadelman’s only recourse would be like that of anyone else who believes a law is unconstitutional: File a lawsuit and ask the court system to declare the law unconstitutional. When sworn law enforcement personnel unilaterally decide on their own what laws will be enforced upon citizens, we no longer live in a democracy.

Sheriff Tadelman, please do your sworn job of enforcing all of the laws, and let the courts do their job of determining whether any law is unconstitutional or not.

Thomas Popovich