Letter: Why I’m voting for Bill Foster


I’m concerned about scare tactics being used to manipulate voters. Instead of honest debate over complex issues, we often get misleading, fear-promoting sound bites.

Let me give you an example. I recently heard a mother voice her support for a “pro-family” candidate, claiming without any proof that schools soon will expose students to sexually objectionable materials and questionable teacher behavior.

I investigated these understandably concerning claims. I looked up Illinois’ new Comprehensive Health Education curriculum. This curriculum appears to be both well-designed and age-appropriate, based on national standards, but you can look it up yourself.

You will see that for kindergartners to second grade, the following topics are taught: friendship, reproduction and identification of trusted adults. Puberty and adolescent sexual development are specifically exempted. Third through eighth grade topics range from healthy relationships to how to identify sources of reliable information.

I encourage voters to pay attention to what candidates are claiming. Become suspicious of attempts to manipulate and create fear. Ask candidates specifics about the curricula they are denigrating and what, where and how they are supposed to occur. Question related issues, for example gun safety, and if positions such as “No gun restrictions at all” are “pro-family.”

I am also pro-family, if that means the candidate not only supports family values but also explores issues and doesn’t rely on false claims. I want a scientist who does his homework and will represent our 11th Congressional District with integrity and facts. That’s why I’m proudly voting for Bill Foster as our representative.

Joan Davis