Letter: Why aren’t our ‘well-regulated militias’ better regulated?


Another member of the “well-regulated” militia determined that the Fourth of July was the day to initiate a massacre in Highland Park.

Doesn’t the phrase “well-regulated militia” infer there should be regulations?

Maybe I have a misconception about to whom the “well-regulated” portion of the Second Amendment applies. It appears the well-regulated and organized determination pertains to proliferate manufacturing marketing, propaganda and sales by the weapons-of-war industry and the NRA. There is also a surprising lack of regulation applied to how easily they fund the campaigns of opportunistic politicians in order to maintain their grifting and profiteering.

Are the mutilated victims who go to parades, schools, churches, movies, grocery stores or restaurants just chalked up as acceptable collateral damage? Is it simply a business decision to equip this dangerously under-regulated militia?

I have never seen a news report about someone defending their family with a weapon of war. Only the endless slaughter of the innocent and defenseless.

As a state senator, the Republican candidate for governor of Illinois voted against funding for mental health and the Firearms Restraining Order Act. When asked about the Highland Park massacre, he callously declared, “Move on, let’s celebrate the Fourth.”

We must elect leaders who acknowledge that the public is enduring unfathomable suffering from this under-regulated militia and are ready to vote for what “well-regulated” actually means.

Bill Foster, Brad Schneider, Jan Schakowsky, Sean Casten and Tammy Duckworth are leaders you can vote for who will support these regulations.

It’s what the Second Amendment calls for.

Helen Torscher

Crystal Lake