Letter: Why you should vote for Robb Tadelman


I have known Robb Tadelman since we were 14 years old. His credentials, honors, certifications and qualifications speak volumes. What I’m here to speak on his character as a friend, a neighbor and a parent.

Robb is the type of friend who makes whatever is important in your life, important in his. He is selfless and considerate. Robb is the type of friend who, no matter the time or distance between, will be there when you ask.

We are also a part of the same community. We feel safer knowing he is close by. The clock never stops for Robb — he is always on the lookout and has the best interest for our entire county in mind. He knows so much about law enforcement and keeping McHenry County safe.

Knowing Robb through high school and now as our children grow up together, I’ve enjoyed volunteering with him. Whether it’s web reading with the kids at school, social activities with the families or getting our children informed with safety, these kids are inspired with law enforcement because of Robb. He sets a great example for them everyday with his action.

It is crucial that our next sheriff has the upmost respect for McHenry County. Robb Tadelman excels in experience, integrity, certifications and qualifications. We refuse to settle for the bare minimum.

My husband and I will be voting June 28th for that Leader, Robb Tadelman for McHenry County Sheriff.

Jill DiMaria

Lake in the Hills