Letter: Why I’m voting for Robb Tadelman


I am a high school educator and my brother, Robb Tadelman, is the undersheriff for McHenry County. When it comes to his job in law enforcement, I often say to Robb, “I don’t know how you do it.”

But the truth is, I do know how he is so successful:

  • Robb cares about others and their safety in McHenry County.
  • Robb has strong values and morals that our grandparents and parents instilled in us.
  • Robb is trustworthy, truthful, hardworking and reflective.
  • Robb builds strong relationships, creates a positive culture among his coworkers and demonstrates teamwork.
  • Robb does not work for the glory but because he knows his calling is to serve others.
  • Robb sacrifices time with his family when duty calls.
  • Robb keeps himself physically fit because he knows it’s necessary for his job and understands exercise is good for his mental and emotional health.
  • Robb serves on the board of Big Brothers Big Sisters because he wants to make a positive impact on our youth.
  • Robb is a servant leader in our community and volunteers his time with various organizations.

In the past 18 years, Robb has served in almost every department in the sheriff’s office from patrol deputy to undersheriff. Through his experiences, Robb knows what is needed to keep the men and women beside him healthy and fulfilled. He leads by example. We must continue to keep McHenry County a safe and desirable place to live. On June 28, vote for Robb Tadelman for McHenry County Sheriff.

Abbey Erlenbaugh