Letter: Vote for Robb Tadelman


Electing our next McHenry County sheriff is one of the most important decisions we will make during this election cycle. This should not be a political decision. We need a sheriff with experience, preparation, education and training to hold this extremely important position. We have seen in the past week how important critical thinking skills, training and experience are in law enforcement when faced with the unthinkable. We need a leader who has done all that he can to prepare himself to be sheriff. This is a decision we will make on behalf of our communities, our neighborhoods, our school districts, our businesses and our families.

I don’t know Tony Colatorti. This is not a letter against him. I do know Robb Tadelman, and I know he has spent his entire career preparing for this position. He has the experience, the education, the training and he is prepared to take on the role of sheriff in our county. If you would please look at the comparison of the two candidates and make your decision based on that, there really is only one good choice. I will be voting for Robb Tadelman.

Sue Low Meyer


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