Letter: Hypocritical Trump supporters on parade

To the Editor:

Trump’s first ‘official’ lies began before the election. Promises that ‘Mexico will pay for the wall’ and ‘We are going to have the best health care’ are the easiest to remember. Then he claimed that his inauguration had the largest attendance ever, even though the pictures showed us all the real truth. The Trump supporters called their lies ‘alternative truth’.

Four years of Trumps arrogance and his desire to live in his ‘alternative reality’ have ravaged our country and our democracy.

The Trump-train’s mask-less 2020 COVID-19 Super Spreader Campaign Tour was a slap-in-the-face for health care and essential workers. Realizing the ride was over from his landslide loss in the election, Trump began his ‘Stop the Steal’ campaign.

More lies and accusations that were never supported by facts. Trump’s legal attempts to overturn the will of the people have all failed in the courts. So, now he is trying a slow-moving coup attempt. Another fundraising scheme that keeps his followers sending him more money.

In the end, like everything else Trump does, it will fail. Leaving the ReTrumplicans angry, frustrated and divided from their lucid GOP counterparts. Trump will deny responsibility for his words and actions. Then he’ll blame others for the mayhem he’s created, like always.

Remember, these are the same people who said Hilary should have accepted the results of the last election, when she actually did.

The only stealing going on is the money Trump constantly fleeces from his rabid followers.

Four years of ReTrumplicans enabling their man-child leader have led us to where we are today.

They created the FrankenTrump monster. Unlike the movie, this monster isn’t afraid of fire.

In fact, FrankenTrump has escaped and is trying to burn down our democracy.

FrankenTrump divided our citizens and split his party because…he could.

On Jan. 20, Trump will lose the protections that the Presidency has afforded him.

Trump will go from being the most powerful man in the world to being an overweight 74-year-old with major legal problems and huge financial debts.

Trump’s tweets will go from being news to being noise.

Bob Miller

Crystal Lake