Illinois Railway Museum seeks volunteers

A train passes the North Shore Line signs on Saturday, Jan. 21, 2023, as the Illinois Railway Museum celebrates its 70 anniversary with the first of many celebrations by commemorating the 60 years since the abandonment of the Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee Railroad.

The Illinois Railway Museum in Union, a majority volunteer-run effort with no government assistance, is seeking volunteers to work at the largest rail museum in the U.S.

All types of volunteers are needed, even those who can work only one day a month. Mechanical skills are needed for the museum’s many restoration projects, including work in departments such as steam, diesel, electric, fleet management, rail track, signage and power lines.

Volunteers also are needed to help with things such as social media, movies, music, cooking, cleaning and helping to meet and greet visitors to the museum.

Interested volunteers should call Brian at 815-608-0220.