Here’s who is running for school board across McHenry County

A total of 106 candidates filed across 19 districts

School board candidates line the hallway during the first day area school board candidates could file for the April election on Monday, Dec. 12, 2022, at the McHenry County Administration Building in Woodstock.

Monday marked the final day for candidates to file for a variety of local board races across McHenry County, including school boards.

Several districts this upcoming election have more than half their boards up for reelection. On the first day, 47 people filed, and by the end of the weeklong filing period, 106 candidates had filed across 19 districts.

Unless otherwise indicated, the terms are for four-years.

Johnsburg School District 12; four seats

Four-year term:

  • Valerie Klos, incumbent
  • Meghan Michel, incumbent
  • Corrie Eastland

Two-year term:

  • Margaret Germann, incumbent

Huntley School District 158; four seats

Four-year term:

  • Katherine “Kate” Policheri
  • Jonathan Dailey, incumbent
  • Melissa M. Maiorino, incumbent
  • Stephen G. Buchs
  • William Geheren, incumbent
  • Laura Murray
  • Andrew Bittman
  • Gina Galligar
  • Paula Yensen

Two-year term:

  • Andrew Fekete
  • Kevin Gentry, incumbent
  • Michael Thompson

Alden-Hebron School District 19; three seats

  • Kenneth Winkelman, incumbent
  • Kate Johnson, incumbent
  • Steven W. Fritsch

Woodstock School District 200; three seats

  • Jerry Theodore Miceli, incumbent
  • John Headley, incumbent
  • Michelle Bidwell, incumbent
  • Gina M. Willard

Community School District 300; four seats

  • Nancy Zettler, incumbent
  • Olutola “Tola” Makinde
  • Randi Gauthier
  • Stephen J. Fiorentino, incumbent
  • Laurie Parman
  • Robert Reining
  • Connie Cain
  • Kristina Konstanty

Harvard School District 50; six seats

Four-year term:

  • Sandra J. Theriault, incumbent
  • Jennifer A. Garafol, incumbent
  • Sharon L. McMillan, incumbent

Two-year term:

  • Caren S. MacKenzie, incumbent
  • Roger K. Wilhoit, incumbent

Marengo Community High School District 154; four seats

Four-year term:

  • Anthony Martin, incumbent
  • Candice Samuelson, incumbent
  • Farrah Ranzino, incumbent

Two-year term:

  • Shane M. Spring, incumbent

Community High School District 155; three seats

  • Amy Blazier, incumbent
  • Stephanie O’Neill Macro
  • Steve Kieffer
  • Kathy Goerges

McHenry High School District 156; three seats

  • Timothy R. Hying, incumbent
  • Dawn L. Bremer, incumbent
  • Nicole Morrow, incumbent
  • Colleen Galvicius
  • Steve Bellmore

Richmond-Burton High School District 157; six seats

Four-year term:

  • Steven Holtz, incumbent
  • Dawn Holian, incumbent
  • Elizabeth Furlan, incumbent

Two-year term:

  • Jennifer Read, incumbent
  • Jeremy Miller, incumbent

McHenry School District 15; three seats

  • Matthew Stauner, incumbent
  • Arne Waltmire, incumbent
  • Emily Jay
  • Patrick J. DeGeorge, incumbent

Marengo-Union Elementary School District 165; three seats

  • Andrea Deserto
  • Matthew A. Erbstoesser, incumbent
  • Amanda Weiss, incumbent
  • Lesley Pace, incumbent

Riley School District 18; three seats

  • Victoria Kaczkos, incumbent
  • Adam Borhart, incumbent
  • John Arthur Bindner

Cary School District 26

  • Deanna “Dee” Darling, incumbent
  • Jason Janczak, incumbent
  • Kathryn Potter, incumbent
  • Loraine Perry
  • Cortney Fowles
  • Nancy Swart

Fox River Grove Grade School District 3; three seats

  • Thomas Mollet, incumbent
  • Lisa Spiek
  • Laura Vanderploeg
  • Katie Koll, incumbent
  • Alex Johnson, incumbent
  • Jonathan Meshes
  • Melissa Brennan, incumbent

Harrison School District 36; three seats

  • Karen Parks, incumbent
  • Mark Nothdorf, incumbent
  • Laurie Alsot, incumbent

Prairie Grove School District 46; five seats

Four-year term:

  • Josie Shattuck, incumbent
  • Stephanie Housh, incumbent
  • Jennifer Rogulic
  • Thomas Dillon

Two-year term:

  • Gwen Bialek, incumbent
  • Khushali Z. Shah, incumbent

Crystal Lake School District 47; four seats

Four-year term:

  • Emily Smith, incumbent
  • Devon Hubbard Tessmer, incumbent
  • Kerri Johnson
  • Lisa Messinger
  • Kathy Goerges
  • PaTrice “Reese” Dewey
  • Will Schroeder
  • Laura Stanton

Two-year term:

  • Courtney Hand
  • Jonathan “Jonny” Norquist

Nippersink School District 2; four seats

Four-year term:

  • Marcy Garrison, incumbent
  • Alie Stansbury
  • Ryan R. Andrus, incumbent
  • Joe Quinn, incumbent
  • Tom Schwartz
  • Natalie Mailfald

Two-year term:

  • Mary Shufelt

McHenry County Regional Board of School Trustees

Four-year term:

  • Brian D. Meyers

Two-year term:

  • Timothy Sebastian, incumbent