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Oscar Meyer Wienermobile brings ‘Meat n’ Treat’ for Crystal Lake

One of the Wienermobile drivers hails from Woodstock

When thoughts turn to hot dogs, we usually imagine warm weather cookouts or summertime baseball games.

But despite overcast skies, chilly temperatures and the promise of snow on the horizon, hot dogs were on the mind Sunday afternoon in Crystal Lake, thanks for a visit from the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile.

The famous sausage on wheels held a “Meat n’ Treat” at Kaleidoscoops ice cream shop in the city’s downtown, where visitors snapped photos alongside the mobile and – for bringing a donation for a local food pantry or dog rescue – munched on a free hot dog.

“Everyone was so energetic when we pulled up,” said Zach “Zach n Cheese” Chatham of South Carolina, one of two drivers Sunday.

He and fellow driver Katie “Ketchup Katie” Ferguson of Woodstock will spend a year touring around the country with the Wienermobile. Their next stop is Indianapolis on Monday, and they were in Woodstock last week.