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Barge breaks through ice creating dangerous conditions on Pistakee Lake

Fox Waterway Agency issues notice warning residents to use ‘extreme caution’

The Fox Waterway Agency put out a notice Thursday warning of dangerous ice conditions on Pistakee Lake.

The agency received reports of a barge breaking ice on the lake from Eagle Point to the mouth of the Fox River creating dangerous ice conditions for anyone who might be going out onto the ice, according to the notice.

Many areas on the Fox River and the Chain O’ Lakes are not fully frozen or are covered by a thin layer of ice that causes dangerous conditions for activities like ice fishing or skating.

The Fox Waterway Agency warned residents to use “extreme caution” if they decide to take the risk of venturing out onto the ice, according to the notice.

Residents should be even more cautious if near the area where the barge broke through the ice, which is depicted by an orange line on the map at the top of this story.