Bullet found Friday in Marengo High School classroom

Marengo Community High School District 154 is photographed on Thursday, Aug. 6, 2020, in Marengo.

A bullet was found on the ground in one of the classrooms at Marengo Community High School, police said.

All lockers were searched, and students were interviewed by school officials and police, although they found no evidence explaining why the bullet was there, District 154 Superintendent David Engelbrecht said in a statement sent Friday afternoon to district families.

Although the investigation is ongoing, no other items, such as a gun or threatening note, were found as of Friday evening, Marengo Police Chief Nathan Hayes told the Northwest Herald.

“Marengo takes situations like this very seriously,” Engelbrecht said in the message to families. “At this time, no threat to students, staff or the public has been determined.”

Police were at the school throughout the day as part of extra security protocols put into place, Engelbrecht said in the statement.

Engelbrecht also said that during the investigation it was learned multiple students had seen the bullet on the floor but hadn’t said anything. Engelbrecht encouraged families to “have a discussion with your student about the need to immediately alert staff in situations like this.”

Anyone with information on the bullet was asked to contact the school or the police department, Hayes said.

“The Marengo Police Department continues to stay committed to maintaining a safe learning environment as well as a safe community,” the police department staff said in a message posted on social media.