Dog on loose after biting incidents has been found, impounded by Animal Control

Police shot another dog after they said it got loose and aggressively ran toward them

An officer stands in front of a home near Johnsburg in a neighborhood where McHenry County Sheriff's deputies shot and killed a dog after a dogfight that authorities said injured several people. At least one deputy was also injured trying to corral the dogs after two got loose.

The last of five dogs has been located following an incident last week in which three people were bitten and another dog was shot and killed by police near Johnsburg.

McHenry County Animal Control is letting the public know that all surviving pit bulls involved in an April 11 incident in unincorporated McHenry are now in the care of Animal Control,” the agency posted on its website Wednesday.

According to police and fire officials, they were called to a home in the Johnsburg area near the Fox River for a report that two people were bitten as they tried to separate pit bulls who were fighting. Though the five dogs had been corralled before officials arrived, three of the canines got loose while authorities were speaking to the owners and aggressively ran toward the officers. A McHenry County Sheriff’s deputy shot one of the dogs after non-lethal means, including a Taser, failed to stop it from attacking and after a deputy was also bitten, authorities said.

Three other dogs were taken into possession of Animal Control at the time, but one dog remained at large. The Animal Control statement didn’t say where, how or when the last dog was captured.