Letter: Libertarian Party volunteers are now collecting signatures

Letter to the Editor

On March 26, the period for non-established parties to circulate ballot access petitions opened in Illinois. Prior to June 24, a minimum of 25,000 signatures must be collected and submitted to the State Board of Elections. By contrast, the Republican and Democrat nominees needed just 5,000 petition signatures to appear on the Illinois ballot.

While the Libertarian Party has existed since 1972 and consistently appeared on the Illinois ballot, the party is kicked off the ballot after each statewide election and must start over to simply be listed on the ballot to give voters an alternate choice to the two major parties.

Volunteers are currently collecting signatures. If you are asked by a volunteer, I ask that you please help with a signature to return the Libertarian presidential ticket to the Illinois ballot this fall. A signature is not an endorsement or pledge to vote; it merely helps the ticket appear on the ballot.

Please contact your state representative and state senator, asking them to support fair elections in Illinois by reforming the state’s draconian ballot access laws that limit voters’ choices. Ballot access laws don’t just limit your choices for president; they create virtually insurmountable hurdles for down-ballot partisan races. Many races will be uncontested, featuring an unopposed Republican or Democrat – more than being limited to two choices, voters will be denied any choice this fall.

Jake Justen, McHenry County Libertarians chairman

Crystal Lake