Letter: ‘Everything you need to know about Donald Trump’

Letter to the Editor

Quoting Heather Cox Richardson, an American academic, historian, author and professor of history at Boston College: “That system, so-called ‘supply-side economics,’” has never actually worked, but it has become an article of faith for Republicans.

It is a system that is popular with the very wealthy, and Biden called that out recently in a video he recorded with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). In the video, the two men comment on a video clip in which former President Trump, speaking at a private event, promises wealthy donors another tax cut.

Biden says: “That’s everything you need to know about Donald Trump. When he thinks the cameras aren’t on, he tells his rich friends, quote, ‘We’re going to give you tax cuts.’”

Sanders chimes in: “Can anybody in America imagine that at a time of massive income and wealth inequality – billionaires are doing phenomenally well – that he’s going to give them huge tax breaks? And then at the same time, he’s going to cut Social Security, Medicare and programs that our kids need.”

“That makes me mad as hell, quite frankly,” Biden says. “... There are 1,000 billionaires in America, this country. They pay an average of 8.2% [in] federal taxes. So … we have a plan: Asking his good buddies to begin to pay their fair share.”

I wish I only paid 8.2% in taxes! So MAGA when are you going to notice the emperor’s new clothes?

Linnea Thennes