Letter: Doubt value of DEI? Two words: Caitlin Clark

Letter to the Editor

I recently read in the local press how our McHenry County Board chose to remove diversity, equity, and inclusion (known to some as “DEI”) language from its proclamation designating March as Women’s History Month.

While disappointed, I should not have been surprised. DEI has been targeted by the former president, the conservative Heritage Foundation and others as a litmus test for Republicans who wish to remain in the party’s good graces.

Nevertheless, it was sad indeed to watch some local, sometimes thoughtful, longtime Republicans pander to today’s politics of exclusion. For those who have no opinion on DEI, or doubt it importance, I have two words: Caitlin Clark, the NCAA’s all-time scoring leader. Without DEI there would be no Title IX, giving female athletes equal opportunity in sports at educational institutions receiving federal funds. So, while you enjoy watching the NCAA’s amazing Ms. Clark, remember you would have been denied this opportunity but for DEI.

Susan Labaj

Crystal Lake