Island Lake man accused of possessing fentanyl, LSD, mushrooms, marijuana

Theron Lopez

An Island Lake man charged with possessing fentanyl, LSD, Suboxone, psilocybin and marijuana was arrested and released pretrial April 6.

Theron Lopez, of the 3000 block of Max Court, is charged with possessing 15 to 200 objects containing LSD and 15 to 100 grams of fentanyl, each a Class X felony that can carry decades in prison. He also faces other drug charges related to possessing Suboxone, psilocybin and marijuana.

Lopez was assigned an attorney from the public defender’s office and released from jail pretrial after an initial court appearance before McHenry County Judge Joel Berg, who found no probable cause to detain him, according to court records.

Lopez was released with conditions after Berg considered his character and history, as well as his physical and mental history, family ties, past relating to drug or alcohol abuse, conduct and criminal history, according to a pretrial release order.

Conditions of Lopez’s release include that he appear at all court dates, not violate any crimes and file with the clerk any change of address within 24 hours, according to the order.

Lopez is due in court April 29.