Letter: Political advertising standards

Letter to the Editor

You can tell we are in an election year because instead of seeing advertisements that sell products, we are subjected to watching campaign ads comprised of political catchphrases and slogans.

Unfortunately, the ads lack any useful content about the candidate’s qualifications for office and their plans for solving society’s problems. Instead of cliches and overused words – e.g., transparent, inclusion, equity – or employing negative ads, we should expect informative substantive campaigns that educate us on a candidates’ realistic and strategic plans for addressing current and future issues such as immigration, crime, or the economy.

I am happy that a candidate is a family man and stopped beating his wife, but I’d rather hear how they will help us tackle inner city crime and our county’s struggling rural economy. For example, candidates could propose having corporate America sponsor programs that teach introductory computer skills, once again hosting call centers in the U.S., or empowering program graduates with income and marketable skills. Moving forward let’s elect candidates that have common-sense, problem-solving skills and the creative-thinking ability necessary to offer answers for challenges facing our nation.

Jeff Shoemaker

Lake in the Hills