Arrest warrants issued for 2 men accused of burglarizing 4 vehicles in Johnsburg last year

‘These were random crimes of opportunity,’ police chief says

Oswego Police are warning people to avoid the area around the 400 block of Blue Ridge Drive after receiving a report of individuals damaging windows and vehicles and possibly waving a gun.

Arrest warrants were issued Wednesday for two Chicago men accused of burglarizing four vehicles in Johnsburg in October.

Leonardo J. Perez Jr., 23, of the 3900 block of West 66th Street, and Jovany Uribe, 24, of the 3400 block of West 73rd Street, each are charged with four counts of burglary without causing damage, which are Class 3 felonies, and four counts of criminal trespass to vehicles, Class A misdemeanors, according to the criminal complaints filed in McHenry County court.

If convicted on a Class 3 felony, they could be sentenced to between two and five years in prison. The charges also are probational. Sentencing on a Class A misdemeanor results in up to 364 days in the county jail upon conviction.

During the overnight hours of Oct. 21, according to the complaint, the pair allegedly “without authority” entered a black GMC Yukon and stole one brown leather Dockers wallet along with $20, four credit cards, a debit card, driver’s license, a medical card and a Sam’s Club card.

The pair also is accused of entering a 2013 silver Hyundai Elantra and a black Chevrolet Traverse and stealing a wallet, a permanent resident card, a Social Security card, credit cards, a Sam’s Club card, a bank card and a collection of coins totaling $5 to $6, according to the court records.

The men also stole knives from a silver Ford Fusion, according to the complaint.

Police received their first call about 7:15 a.m. that morning that people’s vehicles had been burglarized, Johnsburg police Chief Jason Greenwald said. The thefts occurred in various subdivisions throughout Johnsburg, and the pair likely picked vehicles randomly and walked up to see if they were unlocked, the chief said, calling the incidents “random crimes of opportunity.”

The ongoing investigation involved outside agencies, search warrants and video footage from various Ring doorbell security and traffic cameras.

The pair is not known to local police and may be charged with similar offenses in other counties, Greenwald said.

To avoid becoming a victim of such a crime, Greenwald said to be vigilant, make sure car doors are locked and removed of anything of value, and “if you see something, absolutely contact us.”