Letter: Not likely to happen but a what-if

Letter to the Editor

Not likely to happen but what if:

Biden to Trump: “Donald, I tell you what, if you agree to drop out of the race for President, I will pardon you for all 91 criminal counts pending against you. Furthermore, after you make your announcement to withdraw and after I grant the pardons, I will withdraw from the race. I will paraphrase LBJ and state to the public that I shall no longer seek nor accept the Democratic Party nomination for President of the United States. I will complete my term of office and campaign for whoever gets the nomination and expect that you would to the same for the Republicans.”

Trump to Biden: “Well Joe, that is a hell of deal. I can get back to repairing my businesses and patch up family squabbles while the Trump brand remains strong and you and I can hand over the reins to a new generation. Clearly that is in the best interest of the country. Let’s do it!”

Lloyd Everard

Crystal Lake