Letter: Solar farm math doesn’t add up

Letter to the Editor

I recently read with interest the article on the solar farm for the high school that was published in the Woodstock Independent. But to me the numbers just do not add up. Let’s see. The article states that “3.4 million in state and federal tax credits” will be used.

What does that actually mean?? Where does this federal and state money used to pay for this project come from? It comes from all of us who pay federal and state taxes!

Oh, but wait – ComEd will also pitch in about a half million to the project. And where does ComEd get that half million you ask. Well, from all of us because these rebates are a cost to ComEd and are added to our utility bills!

It gets better. The project’s cost is projected to be about “3.676 million” in TODAY’S money – but the benefit to the school district will be a savings of “$2.7 million” over the NEXT 20 years. And this all is predicated on the belief that technology over the next 20 years will not make today’s solar farms as passé as the beeper, typewriter, and the phone booth.

Joseph Kolanowski