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Rizzi: One-stop shop for health care needs

Mental health and substance use treatments are available at low to no cost

Looking for a treatment provider to help you with your diabetes and anxiety issues?

The McHenry County Mental Health Board funds access to behavioral health care at several integrated health care organizations that we are so proud to have in our community, many of which are federally qualified health care centers.

Integrated health care is a comprehensive and coordinated approach to delivering health care services. It focuses on the seamless integration of various medical, behavioral and social services to improve patient outcomes and overall well-being.

For qualifying residents facing various health challenges – which include medical, dentistry and behavioral health services – there are several options listed below in our community.

These services are geared toward low-income, Medicaid or Medicare clients or those without any insurance, but commercial insurances normally are accepted as well.

More resources soon will be available through Thresholds Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics in Woodstock, which is working on integrating medical screenings into its clinic.

The idea of integrated health care stems from recognizing the interconnectedness of physical health, mental well-being and social factors affecting overall wellness. This care is aimed at bridging the gaps between different health care providers in one setting, empowering individuals in managing their health and improving access to comprehensive care.

Residents receive personalized care plans that include all their care needs, tailored to their unique circumstances.

For example, those with chronic conditions receive ongoing support and education to manage their illnesses effectively through primary care physicians and nurses. If needed, psychiatrists can manage their mental health condition and medications, while mental health counselors and social workers can provide therapy and support to individuals facing psychological challenges.

Additionally, an integrated electronic medical record system ensures that all health care professionals involved in a resident’s care have access to the same information, promoting coordination and continuity of care.

The integrated health care approach not only addresses the immediate health care needs of residents, but it also tackles the underlying social determinants of health.

By recognizing the importance of factors such as housing, transportation and food security, the initiative aims to create a healthier and more equitable community.

Therefore, one also may encounter navigators who can assist residents in accessing community resources, such as affordable housing, transportation and financial assistance programs.

To access these services, residents must become a client at an integrated health care organization.

The following is a list of the behavioral health components we fund at these integrated health care facilities:

Aunt Martha’s Woodstock: Psychiatric and telepsychiatry services program,

Aunt Martha’s is one of the state’s largest federally qualified health centers. Behavioral health services include adult, child and adolescent psychiatry and therapy, individual counseling, and comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and treatment.

Aunt Martha’s model of integrated care brings behavioral health services into the primary care clinic setting by offering routine mental health screening and access to treatment.

Community Health Partnership of Illinois – Harvard Clinic: Breaking the stigma: Mental Health Services for All (bilingual),

Community Health Partnership of Illinois provides comprehensive, integrated primary health care services targeting underserved, predominantly Latino rural populations, including migrant and seasonal farmworkers and families throughout northern and central Illinois. Mental Health Services for All offers Spanish outpatient therapy, Spanish specialized psychiatry services via telehealth, and community mental health outreach and education.

Family Health Partnership Clinic Crystal Lake: Licensed mental therapists and bilingual navigators,

The Family Health Partnership Clinic provides health care to those who do not have health insurance of any kind. The clinic has an integrated mental health component and provides brief therapy for patients who are facing mental health issues as well as physical health problems.

Greater Family Health McHenry: Behavioral health integration program,

Greater Family Health is a community health center that provides quality health care to all, including those who don’t have the ability to pay. The Mental Health Board provides funding for:

  • Screening, brief intervention (including behavioral activation), and referral to treatment. The behavioral health integration program has full integration between primary and behavioral health care, including shared patient scheduling, shared treatment planning and shared recordkeeping.
  • Medication-assisted treatment offers patients who are 18 and older struggling with opioid dependence a chance to begin their journey in recovery by combining medication with individualized therapy.
  • Psychiatry provides patients of all ages with psychiatric evaluations, medication education and medication monitoring.

For a comprehensive service directory or more information on the Mental Health Board, visit You also can download our McHelp App on Google Play or from the Apple App Store for a text-and-chat feature.