McHenry County looks at more speed limit reductions

Lakewood Road near Reed Road in Lake in the Hills photographed Feb. 5, 2024. The speed limit of 45 mph might be reduced to 40 mph if the county board approves a speed limit reduction.

Drivers on Lakewood Road in Lake in the Hills could soon be lowering their speeds if a speed limit reduction passes.

The McHenry County Transportation Committee opted last week to advance a speed limit reduction on two stretches of Lakewood Road, between Ackman Road and Miller Road and between Miller Road and Algonquin Road.

The consecutive stretches of Lakewood Road currently have speed limits of 45 mph, but would be reduced to 40 mph if the speed limit reduction is implemented.

The committee also discussed potentially lowering a speed limit on a stretch of Pyott Road between Oak Street and Willow Street in Lake in the Hills but didn’t vote to move it forward.

The panel considered a proposal to lower the limit on that stretch of Pyott Road to 45 mph from 50 mph. According to county documents, that part of Pyott is sandwiched between sections where the posted limits are 50 mph and 40 mph, respectively.

The committee seemed fairly supportive of lowering the speed limit on Lakewood Road, but was less supportive toward the proposal at Pyott Road.

County board member Matt Kunkle said he didn’t have an issue with lowering the limit on Lakewood Road.

But of the current speed on Pyott Road, he said, “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. That’s just my opinion.”

County board member Michael Skala opposed changing the speed limit along Lakewood Road, saying its goal is to keep traffic flowing.

“When I look at county roads and the purpose of county roads, they’re supposed to be thoroughfares to move traffic,” Skala said.

The county previously took a look at reducing the speed limits on those stretches of Lakewood and Pyott roads last spring, but opted not to move forward with them at that point.

The speed limit reduction on Lakewood Road will head before the County Board for consideration and a final vote.