Developers in Crystal Lake plan to replace Bed Bath & Beyond with Sierra and Burlington

City Council expected to vote on final approval of the plan on Dec. 19

A Burlington and a Sierra Trading Post could be replacing the closed Bed Bath & Beyond on Route 14 in Crystal Lake.

A Burlington and a Sierra Trading Post could replace the closed Bed Bath & Beyond on Route 14 in Crystal Lake.

The Crystal Lake Planning and Zoning Commission approved the plan without objection last week. The proposal will go before the City Council for consideration Dec. 19.

The existing Bed Bath & Beyond store property is so large, about 25 acres, that developers want to create two store fronts in the space, Crystal Lake City Planner Elizabeth Maxwell said.

Burlington, originally known as Burlington Coat Factory, would take the existing entrance and another entrance would be created for Sierra to the left of Burlington, architect John Bradshaw said.

Sierra, also called Sierra Trading Post, is a TJX company that sells outdoor recreation and fitness merchandise.

The exterior facade also will be updated with dark trim for a “more modern look” while blending with the existing tenants on the Crystal Point shopping strip, Maxwell said.

“I welcome it,” commissioner Stacy Mason said. “It’ll freshen up the facade that’s already currently there.”

Developers need to ask for a variation in the city code since both signs would be a total of 82 square feet more than the 340-square-foot variation that was granted to one Bed Bath & Beyond sign.

The Bed Bath & Beyond store, located at 5786 Northwest Highway, closed earlier this year. The current Burlington, located at 6120 Northwest Highway, will close and another tenant has not yet been determined for that location, Maxwell said.

“I’m appreciative of the space being filled so quickly now that Bed Bath & Beyond is no longer there,” commissioner Natasha Teetsov said.