Letter: A tip of the hat to the UAW

Letter to the Editor

The agreement between the UAW and the auto manufacturers may seem far away, but we’re seeing the effects of the agreement in our community.

Stellantis has agreed to reopen Its plant in Belvidere. It has agreed to invest $5 billion to retool and repurpose the plant for a new vehicle and has also agreed to start up an electric battery plant and a distribution center.

UAW members pushed hard to achieve these gains and it was nice to see labor and capital come together to achieve economic gains for the community.

President Biden was all-in with his support of labor. He was the first sitting president to walk the picket line in a show of solidarity with labor. In Belvidere, he said when a plant is closed the community loses its sense of pride, its sense of being and its sense of dignity. He’s right. But now it looks like Belvidere is back! It’s up to us to support the community.

When we’re making a decision of what vehicle to buy, what product to consume, what investment to make, we owe it to our fellow American workers to support our neighbors and buy the products that they produce.

I tip my hat to the UAW, Stellantis, and President Biden for making this happen. Let’s keep it going.

Phil Heil