Man had 10 kilograms of cocaine inside vehicle, McHenry County Sheriff’s Office says


About 10 kilograms of cocaine in five bulk packages were found inside a vehicle after a traffic stop by McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputies on Thursday, according to a motion to compel the source of bail funds filed by prosecutors in the McHenry County courthouse.

Joel Martel-Nevarez, 47, of the 200 block of North Loucks Street in Aurora, was charged with manufacturing and delivery of 900 grams or more of cocaine, a Class X felony, as well as possession of more than 900 grams or more of cocaine, according to the criminal complaint filed in the courthouse.

If convicted on a Class X felony he faces up to 30 years in prison

Sheriff’s deputies stopped a vehicle Martel-Nevarez was driving at about 5 p.m. on Thursday. A narcotics detecting canine indicated the presence of illicit substances in the vehicle, according to the motion compelling Martel-Nevarez to show proof that any funds posted for his bail be from legitimate sources.

Deputies searched the vehicle and deputies found about 10 kilograms or 10,000 grams of cocaine in five bulk packages. Cocaine is typically sold in half gram bags of 3.5 gram portions, according to the motion.

“Given the defendant is currently held on felony drug delivery related charge and considering the massive quantity of cocaine there is reasonable cause to believe that bail funds that were deposited for the defendant may not be from a legitimate source or may be funds that are tied to narcotics trafficking or from some other criminal or illegal source,” Assistant States Attorney Matthew Brodersen wrote in the motion.

Martel-Nevarez was being held in the county jail on $250,000 bond and would need to post $25,000 in order to be released.

No defense attorney was listed as of Friday. Martel-Nevarez is due in court Monday for a bond hearing.