Gun found in vehicle at Antioch High School but no threat to students or staff, police say

Part-time student taken into custody Tuesday

Antioch Community High School

A 21-year-old, part-time Antioch Community High School student was taken into custody Tuesday morning after a handgun was found in his vehicle during a regularly scheduled canine “scent search,” police said.

Police said there was no reason to believe there ever was a threat to students or employees.

The man participates in an alternative schooling program, police said, and was in school when the dog “hit” on the car. The student was taken out of class and was there for the search, police said.

The dogs belong to a private firm Antioch High School District 117 contracts with to do regular searches scheduled by school administration and are cross-trained to detect drugs, firearms and other substances, police said.

The weapon and the student were taken into custody immediately and a lockdown was not needed, police said.

The student remained in custody early Tuesday afternoon as the investigation continued.

Police Chief Geoffrey Guttschow said the handgun find shows the periodic use of canine scent search teams works.

“I would like to recognize District 117 on its commitment to ensuring the safety of students at our high school,” he said in a news release.

Mick Zawislak - Daily Herald Media Group

Mick Zawislak has covered Lake County for the Daily Herald since 2002