Letter from Putnam County Rotary: A time to be thankful

Keyboard - letter to the editor

Happy Thanksgiving Putnam County Record readers,

Last November, as part of a year long project at the junior high, Putnam County Rotary decorated a bulletin board with the theme of being grateful. We learned a lot about our junior high students. From family, to school and teachers, to neighbors and sports; the students thought about and talked about what they were grateful for.

I say thank you to each and every High School and Junior High Interact student who works hard all year completing projects, doing fundraisers and growing in their commitment to Service Above Self.

I thought with Thanksgiving being right around the corner, I would challenge all of you to also think of what you are grateful for. Maybe talk to your family, friends and coworkers about it.

You might be as surprised as we were in reading students answers! I will start with some things I am grateful for, in fact there isn’t enough room for me to list all that come to mind. But I’ll start with a few important ones.

Being a part of Rotary, I thought of all the Rotarians who are the history of Putnam County Rotary. I am grateful for each one of them and their wives, and all they did as Rotarians, living the motto “Service Above Self.” They showed it in all they did for the county, schools, seniors and communities. They worked hard to complete projects that benefited so many. We should all be thankful for their commitment over the years.

Which makes me realize how grateful I am for all the current members and volunteers who work hard to continue the projects and legacy of those founding members. From selling tickets, to reading at the schools, to supporting high school plays, to mentoring Interact members, to helping with any and all projects; I say thank you to each one of them who doesn’t hesitate to help and be involved.

I am thankful for the support Putnam County Rotary receives for all our projects, fundraisers and new undertakings each year. It is because of that constant support our Club is able to continue all our ongoing projects and add new ones. Thank you Putnam County friends; you are all appreciated so much.

Thank you also to the Putnam County Businesses who continue to support the Club for Afterglow, our Little Free Pantry, Ag Night programs and on and on. The generosity shown each year is beyond amazing. Thank you to each and every business for your donations and support when we ask.

And let me say, I am grateful for growing up in Putnam County. There is no better place to live, send our children to school, raise a family and I have to say. I am especially thankful for growing up in Standard, having so many relatives and friends within just a few blocks. And of course I am thankful I went to Standard Grade School where lifelong friendships were formed in my first grade class of 6.

I can honestly say; we still have each others backs and always will. Thank you Joe, Jon, Kent, Nola and Priscilla; couldn’t ask for better “Forever Friends.” I am thankful for each of you.

That little school gave us two of the best principals in Mr. Delmo Marchesi and Mr. Don Ketter, who showed us courage, strength, determination and kindness throughout our years with each of them. Grateful for both their influence in my life.

For me personally, I am thankful everyday for my family, my mom, 95 and still going strong, my six kids who have grown to be kind, giving, hard working adults, all of my relatives from the oldest to the youngest and the friends who fill my life with their presence, near and far; I am beyond blessed and grateful.

Thank you Putnam County. I am grateful for all your support in all Putnam County projects. I hope all of you have a good Thanksgiving and find the things you are thankful for this Thanksgiving month. We always have something to be thankful for. We just need to realize it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Always Service Above Self!

Debbie Buffington - President, Putnam County Rotary