Letter: Hello from the Putnam County Rotary

Black Keyboard - Letter to the Editor

Hello Putnam County Record Readers,

As President of Putnam County Rotary this year, I want to introduce you to PC Rotary 2022-23. I know most of you remember or think of Rotary as it was years ago…an ALL men’s club made up of Granville businessmen and area farmers, whose wives couldn’t be members but they could be “Rotary Ann’s.”

Let’s face it, those women did just as much “Service Above Self” as their husband’s. And now our Rotary club has men and women ranging in age from their 30s to 70s, from all fields – teachers, government, retirees, librarians, business owners, health care, legal field and ag business.

Who remembers Granville Rotary with Bruno and Ernie Bucholz, Ray and Nelda Naumann, Jeno and Margaret Bonucchi, Brad and Sharon Acuncius, Jim and Marilyn Hostetter, Bill and Cheri Klein (Adrian), Darrell and Jeanne Alleman and so many others?

It was their service to our County that made Putnam County Rotary what it is today. Just as they were over 50 years ago, we are part of an International service organization that works to make our County a better place to live, send our children to school, raise families, eat amazing food and have fun.

While the last couple years have been a struggle, we have persevered, just as all of you and come out better, stronger, more dedicated and ready to work with our schools, villages and all of the people who make up the smallest, but mightiest county in Illinois.

As president this year, I promise to keep you informed of what we hope to accomplish, what we are doing and just maybe some of you will join us as members or even as volunteers for our bigger projects. We welcome all new rotarians with a handshake, food, fun and friendship.

While we are hoping to add a “Trivia or Bunco Night” to our fundraising projects this year, if that can’t yet happen, we have our 50/50 drawing that started last month, Road Apple Bingo at Boggio’s Craft Fair in September, we are bringing back our bigger and better “Souper Sunday for Seniors” and then of course there are all our various literacy projects.

You could help by being a Rotary Reader for our younger students, pass out the popular dictionaries to third graders and maybe help with my big project by donating a new book of any kind for our year long book drive.

It is going to be a great year at Putnam County Rotary! I hope you enjoy our projects and maybe even decide to join us. Be on the lookout for our “Back to School Interact Picnic” in September for all Junior High and High School Interact members.

Parents; kids who join our Club sponsored Interact Clubs have numerous opportunities to not just give back and earn service hours, but to-take part in leadership trainings, community projects and fun events during the school year.

Thank you for reading and for all the support you give Putnam County Rotary throughout the year. Stay tuned for more about Rotary next month.

It’s all about “Service Above Self.”

Debbie Buffington,

Rotary President 2022-23