Outdoors: The outdoors is great alone, but next time consider bringing someone

Folks that trap are mostly loners.

Many times we are as happy as other humans, and the stereotype of a hermit is somewhat a myth. I suppose there are a few, but in Illinois they are very scarce. I still have an emotional pull to run a trapline, maybe to get away from cities and clutter. I guess you could call us temporary loners.

I enjoy fishing the same way. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than being out in my boat alone, catching sauger and walleye. Pitting myself against Mother Nature is an accomplishment in itself.

Same goes for hunting, placing myself in an environment where I am against a wily animal in its own space.

All of this is a challenge. If I am successful it is good, if not, just watching nature working around me is a real joy.

My motto is: Try inviting a guest. It will let them know how it is to be outdoors, away from the general confusion that occurs even in small towns. I have been told that this works wonders on a person’s feeling of wellness.

Another reason to get more people involved in outdoors life? The anti-gun crowd. They have been rather silent lately, although when the dust settles and things return to normal, we will feel their presence again.

We trappers, hunters and fishermen need to educate others. Show them what the outdoors is really like. Being educated to what the outdoors really is can sure be an eye-opener. Maybe they will see this thing of ours can create a feeling of well being. This can help build up friends and supporters. It’s a wonder we still have our rights to pursue the vast outdoors, whether it be on the water or in the woods.

For example, some years ago I started taking a young lad hunting and fishing. I helped him pass his hunters safety class and guided him on firearm safety. He became very proficient and dearly loved it. He made the statement that this was something he would never forget.

And he would never forget me as well.

Fishing Report

Most ice-fishermen are doing very well in local ponds. I observe many of them in tents or sitting on plastic buckets out on the ice with a bunch of bluegills next to them. The ones I have talked to say they can’t wait to get home for a feast.

Hunting Report

Canada goose hunting continues to be good in crop fields. Iced-over boat rams have kept hunters off of the rivers locally.

La Salle County Pheasants Forever

Mark your calendars for the chapter’s annual banquet. It will be held March 12 at the Pitstick Pavilion just north of Ottawa on Rt. 23. I will report on times as soon as I get them.

Last year’s banquet was canceled because of COVID-19. This was to continue safety for our members and all that usually attended the banquet in other years.

For additional information, contact Chuck Eiben at 815-488-1390. Hope to see many of you there. The food is always wonderful.

• Fred Krause is a Shaw Media correspondent.

Fred Krause

Fred Krause

Fred is an avid outdoorsman who has been writing about his passion for decades.