Putnam County property transfers: April 2023

Putnam County Courthouse

Here are the Putnam County property transfers for April of 2023.

April 4

Aleksander and Lucia Nowak, deed, Lake Thunderbird Hills L:297 and L:296, $5,000.

Griffith Family Farms to Illinois Department of Transportation, deed, 04-08-021-000 Q:NE S:15 T:31 R:1, $0.

April 5

Chicago Title Land Trust Company to James and Jennifer Chase, deed, Lake Thunderbird Woods L:164, $230,000.

April 6

Marquis Land Holdings LLC to Marquis Carbon Injection LLC, deed, 01-10-049-053 Q:SW S:2 T:32 R:2, $0

April 10

Kevin and Kati Clark to Kevin and Kati Clark Revocable Trust, deed, Q:NE S:13 T:32 R:1, $0

William Drennen Revocable Trust to Keith and Denise Boggio, deed, 02-14-142-000 Q:NE S:17 T:32 R:1, $70,000.

Joseph and Jill Kunkel to Gregory and Lisa Grieff, Steven and Pamela Hand and Kevin and Tammy Gustafson, deed, Lake Thunderbird Hills Plat #3 L:592, $0.

Kevin Knapp to Kevin Knapp Trust, deed, 04-16-132-000 Q:SE S:26 T:31 R:1, $0.

April 11

Kevin Knapp to Kevin Knapp Trust, deed, 04-16-132-000 Q:SE S:26 T:31 R:1, $0.

Kevin and Sara Knapp to Kevin and Sara Knapp Trust, deed, multiple properties, $0

April 12

Freedom Mortgage Corporation to Frank and Christine Pavlik, deed, Lake Thunderbird Woods L:33, $99,555.

April 14

Randall Balensiefen to Inga and Danny Hamant, deed, Lake Thunderbird Hills L:123, $4,200.

April 17

Gene and Vicki Gensini to Vittorio Gensini and Maria Miller, deed, 04-00-056-290, 04-00-056-301, Lake View Drive Addition - Magnolia Township, $0.

Albert Urnikis to Malesha and Nicholas Novak, deed, 02-27-062-000 Q:NE S:30 T:33 R:1, $0.

Piotr Posadyn to Andrzej and Beata Rabenda, deed, Lake Thunderbird Woods L:389, $7,000.

April 18

Lisa and Everette Masters to Nash and Brianna Jonson, deed, 02-06-140-000 Archibald Hopkins Addition - Granville, $135,000.

April 21

Donald and Corrine Guier to William Deschaff, deed, Lake Thunderbird Hills L:57, $1,000.

Jeannette Mixon and Shelby Osborne to Shelby Osborne, deed, Quin-Mar Addition - Mark L:39, $0.

Jonas and Arunas Staskus to Kathryn Kidd, deed, Lake Thunderbird Hills Plat #2 L:454, $365,000.

April 24

Murray, Vickie, Matthew and Jeffery Hancks to Shawn and Stephanie Diller, deed, Lake Thunderbird Hills L:334, $0.

James and Tracy Robbins to Christopher Kik and Dorota Dyczewska, deed, Lake Thunderbird Woods Plat $4 L:683, $65,000.

Jerrold Welch of the Robert Welch Estate to Patricia Read and Jenna Scanland, deed, Lake Thunderbird Hills Plat #3 L:651, $3,800.

April 26

Hollace Faletti and Kimberly Sheppard to Gage Vetter, deed, CH SMith Addition - Granville L:5 and L:6, $56,700.

April 28

Cody Grandadam to Cody and Jessie Grandadam, deed, 01-19-010-000 Q:NE S:24 T:32 R:2, $0.

Cody and Jessie Grandadam to Richard Thompson, deed, 01-19-010-000 Q:NE S:24 T:32 R:2, $0.

Elizabeth O’Connor to James Kipp and Elizabeth O’Connor, deed, Village of Hennepin L:3 B:23, $0.