Putnam County property transfers: February 2023

Putnam County Courthouse

Here are the Putnam County property transfers for February of 2023.

Feb. 1

Angelo and Jones Casey to Angelo and Jones Casey, deed, 04-01-281-000 Q:SE S:2 T:31 R:1, $0.

Feb. 2

Jacob Fielder to Jacob Fielder, Lexi Campbell, Karla Davis and Cody Davis, deed, Poole Creek Subdivision NE:1/4 SEC: 26, $0.

George and Barbara Donnelly to Brian Zielinski, deed, 02-03-061-000, 02-03-110-000, $200,000.

Feb. 6

Gary Blake to Elfrieda and Javier Alvarado, deed, Village of Condit-Putnam L:6 B:5 and L:7 B:5, $123,000.

Feb. 8

Mark Kunkel and Blukel 1959 Land Trust to Edward Vock, deed, 02-20-040-000 Q:NW S:35 T:32 R:1, $623,916.

Evan and Adriana Fielder to Adriana Kozak Fielder Trust, deed, Village of Granville L:5 B:11 and L:6 B:11, $0.

Feb. 10

James Hydock, Jaci Hydock, Jill Tucker, Eugene Farneti and John Farneti to Eugene and Jennifer Farneti, deed, Lake Thunderbird Woods Plat #2 L:327, $0.

Feb. 14

Lake Thunderbird Association to Thomas and Janet Nowicki, deed, 03-00-080-050 Indian Hills L:101, $1,200.

William and Gloria Jean Shafer to Jaime Kalman, deed, 01-00-040-011 Village of Hennepin L:24 B:11, $45,000.

Bryan and Debra Garnnum to Matthew Kaczmarski, deed, Lake Thunderbird Hills L:233, $0.

Archibald Hopkins revocable trust to Hopkins Farms, deed, 02-31-062-000 Q:SW S:35 T:33 R:1, $0.

Michael and Patrick Pecchio to Michael and Patrick Pecchio, Colby’s N H Third Addition Granville L:38, 39 and 40, $0.

Bonnie Lucas and Rose Mecagni Trust to Stephen Mecagni, deed, 02-03-030-000 02-02-190-000 Q:SW S:4 T:32 R:1, $130,000.

Rose Mecagni Trust and Stephen Mecagni to Bonnie Lucas Revocable Trust, deed, Oppers C G Sub of Gunn’s Village of Granville and Charles H. Young Addition L:18, $60,000.

Stephen Mecagni to Bonnie Lucas and Bonnie Lucas Revocable Trust, deed, Charles H. YOung Addition Granville L: 19, $20,000.

Karen Milstein to Brian Miller, deed, F. W. Sucher’s First Addition - Standard, $48,000.

Kathleen Gleason and Kathleen Siemers to Juan and Veronica Garcia, deed, C H Smith Addition - Granville L: 18 and 19, $20,000.

Feb. 15

Mike and Amy Sitter to Ray and Rita Blackburn, deed, Lake Thunderbird Hills L:286, $2,430.

Feb. 16

Matthew Hostetter to Matthew and Alison Klinefelter, deed, Joel Hopkins Addition-Granville, $162,000.

Feb. 17

James Coble to James Coble, Susan File and Jon Coble, deed, Lincolnshire Addition-Granville, $0.

Illinois Sheriff of Putnam County to Freedom Mortgage Company, deed, Lake Thunderbird Woods L:33, $0.

Priscilla Tevis, James Barnes and Shirley Barnes to Trent Tevis, Priscilla Tevis (Living trust) and James Edward Barnes, deed, Archibald Hopkins, WM E Hawthorne Additions-Granville, $0.

Linda Ernat to Timothy Creedon, Land Trust Agreement and TJC Land Trust, deed, 02-28-059-001, 02-28-059-002 Q:NW S:31 T:33 R:1, $0.

Brian Zielinski to George and Barbara Donnelly, deed, Gariglietti’s First Addition-Mark, $70,000.

Cinda Hunt and Hunt Trust to Steven and Mary Malavolti, deed, Laker Thunderbird Hills Plat #2 L:632, $1,800.

Feb. 22

Gabriel Doyle to Ronald and Patricia Henning, deed, Village of Hennepin L:2 B:16 and L:1 B:16, $160,000.

Debra Serio and Jennifer Heit to Debra Serio Revocable Trust, deed, Lake Thunderbird Hills Plat #3 L:724, $0.

Feb 23

Michael Richetta to Dean Benassi, deed, Lake Thunderbird Woods Plat #2 L:375, $0.

Feb. 24

Kevin and Amber Lund to Suzanne Tanski and Kevin and Amber Lund, deed, Lake Thunderbird Woods L:146, $1,000.