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Heating unit malfunction causes early morning fire at Tonica Grade School

Only individuals in the building were secretary, bookkeeping staff

There were no injuries reported after a fire broke out Wednesday morning in the main hallway of the Tonica Grade School.

According to interim Superintendent Jim Whitmore, no classes were in session and the only individuals in the building were the secretary and bookkeeping staff.

Whitmore said the fire was associated with the heating unit in the hallway, as employees saw the smoke and immediately informed the Tonica Fire Department.

“Thanks to them, they saw signs of smoke and responded,” Whitmore said. “They got the fire department there and everything is taken care of.”

Whitmore thanked the local fire departments for their quick response and expertise in getting the fire under control and limiting the damage as much as they could.

“The fire department responded quickly as always,” Whitmore said. “I give my deepest appreciation for those guys.”

Whitmore said the fire was controlled and the building is secure. No foul play is suspected at this time.