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Bureau County sheriff announces re-election bid

Reed seeks third term, after running unopposed in 2018

Bureau County Sheriff Jim Reed announced Monday he is running for his third term as sheriff.

Reed has worked at the sheriff’s office for more than 30 years, the last seven years as sheriff, after running unopposed in 2018.

Reed cited one of the reasons for seeking re-election is to see through the transition into the new Bureau County Law Enforcement Center.

Reed along with the County Board, administrator and the Jail Task Force Committee worked to get the law enforcement center and jail built.

“A great deal of hard work and due diligence has been conducted to get the project completed,” Reed said in a press release. “In order to get it funded through a sales tax referendum, volunteers from the community and members of the jail task force walked door-to-door throughout the county passing out pamphlets and talking to voters. County Board members and deputies attended town meetings to get the referendum passed. Without their hard work we would not have had the revenue to start the project. Now our state-of-the-art jail and law enforcement center is near completion, and I am very grateful for it.”

Reed said he will give tours of the new facility when it is completed.

These past few years have been challenging for law enforcement officers because of legislative changes and a shortage of candidates for corrections and law enforcement positions, Reed said. He said he continues to work with the County Board on keeping them informed on legislative issues and budgetary needs.

“I will continue to fight for more funding to get the best equipment and better pay for the hardworking deputies and correctional deputies, something they definitely deserve,” Reed said, noting he will not lower his standards. “This office is staffed with professional and experienced law enforcement officers. Our goal is to continue to protect the residents of Bureau County. We also have a very good working relationship with officers in all towns in Bureau County.”

Under his terms as sheriff, Reed was able to get all squad cars equipped with in-car cameras, computers, and Automatic External Defibrillators. All deputies have received a new bulletproof vest. Reed said he has put more deputies on the road in smaller rural communities that do not have a local law enforcement department.

He continues to work closely with the Bureau County Board to improve radio communications. Reed is working with his employees and outside agencies to implement a deputy wellness program. He and his staff have also initiated a program for mental health services for inmates.

Reed and his Chief Deputy Bret Taylor continue to assist with investigations, patrols, prisoner transports, and training.

“Due to legislative changes and deputy training requirements we have to meet, it’s getting harder to do this,” Reed said. “We are currently in the process of hiring two additional deputies as a result of legislative changes. The good thing is, this will help our patrol throughout the county, and should improve our response to all our communities.”

Reed, 52, is a lifelong resident of Bureau County. He graduated from Hall High School and the Illinois Police Training Institute at the University of Illinois in Champaign. Reed was presented the Illinois State Police Meg Directors and Task Force Commanders Association Award within the first couple of weeks during his assignment to the Illinois State Police District 17/Zone 3 Task Force. Reed assisted in several hundred narcotic cases and arrests in Bureau, La Salle and Putnam counties with his years at the Illinois State Police Drug Task Force.

Reed is a master firearms instructor and received his certification from the University of Illinois Police Training Institute.

Reed is a member of the Illinois Sheriff’s Association, the Illinois Valley Chiefs of Police Association and served as president for one year. He is a board member of the Bureau/Putnam Community Partners Against Substance Abuse.

Reed is married to Maria (Borri) Reed. They reside in Princeton with their two sons, Jonathan and James and their dog, Bella.