Contractor retained to tear down Waltham North School

Timeline for demolition fluid; date may be known by end of the week

The lowest bidder for the demolition of Waltham North has passed muster and the vacant school will be razed for even less than the school board hoped.

The Waltham Elementary School Board voted unanimously at a Tuesday special meeting to award the contract to Fowler Enterprises LLC of Elgin for $156,250.

Superintendent Kristi Eager said previously she’d be “beyond thrilled” if the winning bid came in below $200,000. BLDD, the district’s architecture firm, signed off on Fowler’s bid, which falls nearly $50,000 below the hoped-for threshold.

Eager emphasized there were no local bidders. At least two local contractors inquired, she said, but ultimately did not bid on the project.

The timeline for demolition is fluid. Eager said she hoped to get a demolition date by the end of the week.

As previously reported, Waltham’s new school rendered Waltham North and South obsolete. Waltham South soon will become a municipal complex for Utica while Waltham North is being razed so the cleared parcel can be sold.

Also, the board observed a moment of silence for Ron Pawlak, longtime Utica village trustee who passed away recently.