Oglesby Elementary raises tax rate 15 cents

Mayor to pay $28 more after last year’s one-time break

Last year, Oglesby Elementary was able to pass along a one-time savings to taxpayers. This year, the school’s portion of property taxes in Oglesby are returning to something close to normal.

Wednesday, the Oglesby Elementary school board passed a tentative tax levy that means a 15-cent bump in the tax rate.

Mayor Dom Rivara, who last year paid Oglesby Elementary $595 (total tax bill: $1,921) would this year pay $623.

Superintendent Michael Pillion said the new rate is the second lowest since 2008 — about 20 cents lower than usual — and that last year’s low was an anomaly.

“Last year, our rate went down from 3.48 to 3.12 due to not capturing all of the TIF as well as a mistake by the county and them making an adjustment to the rate,” Pillion said. “We knew the rate would increase this year for those two reasons.”