Waltham postpones action on fall infection controls

Waltham advised to wait for government guidance

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention threw a curveball at Waltham Elementary — indeed, at all schools — so Waltham isn’t ready to set infection controls for the coming school year.

Wednesday, the Waltham School Board tabled two action items, a back-to-school transition plan and revised mask policy. Board president Jim McCabe said the district’s attorney advised the board avoid taking action until additional government guidance becomes available.

“We just need to know where to go,” Superintendent Kristi Eager said, adding later, “Right now, we’re just going to have to wait and see.”

The board next meets Wednesday, Aug. 18, the day students report for school; parents are advised to watch for news updates and dispatches as Waltham gathers information.

Finally, schools are having difficulty finding insurers to provide optional student insurance. On paper, Waltham will no longer offer it; but Eager said her door is open if families have specific needs.

“If somebody comes to us we’ll work with them,” Eager said. But in the next breath she noted she’s not had a single taker in her 10 years at Waltham.

Tom Collins

Tom Collins

Tom Collins covers criminal justice in La Salle County.