Thee Team of Three named 2023 Youth Entrepreneurs of the Year in Lemonade Day program

Trio sold clay bracelets, hand painted pots and homemade slime during May 20 market

The 2023 Youth Entrepreneurs of the Year are pictured with Rachel Balestri, of Eureka Savings Bank; (left to right) Kenlee Heider, Quinn Krug, Preslee Harmon (making up Thee Team of Three) and Bill Zens, Illinois Valley Area Chamber of Commerce executive director.

The Illinois Valley Area Chamber of Commerce and Lemonade Day inspired creativity from young business owners Saturday.

Eighteen students ran nine businesses during a one day market at Country Kids Produce in Utica. The young entrepreneurs had a chance to do a soft open at Waltham Grade School on Thursday as well, and the studnets had a combined total sales of more than $1,450 between the two days.

The group of young entrepreneurs at Waltham Grade School that participated in Lemonade Day.

At the end of the market total sales were calculated and the entrepreneurs whose business had the highest revenue were crowned the 2023 Youth Entrepreneurs of the Year. This year’s winners were Thee Team of Three made up of Quinn Krug, Kenlee Heider and Preslee Harmon.

The group offered hand made clay bracelets, hand painted pots and homemade slime. The three entrepreneurs were presented with Entrepreneur of the Year certificates and will be entered as the regional representatives in the national Lemonade Day contest.

Lemonade Day is a youth entrepreneurship program that teaches kids how to start, own and operate their own business by hosting a business stand in their community. The program targets young kids of middle school age. Children who participate in Lemonade Day register for free and have access to printed and digital teaching tools that help guide them through the launching and hosting of their own lemonade stands then encourage them to save some, spend some, and share some of the profits they earn with a cause that matters to them.

For more information on how your school or organization can participate call IVAC at 815-223-0227 or email