Putnam County property transfers: September 2022

Putnam County Courthouse

Here are the Putnam County Property Transfers from September 2022.

Sept. 2, 2022

Ajemco LLC to Jason Reid and Catherine Mueller-Reid, deed, Lake Thunderbird Woods L:141 and 140, $185,000.

Bonnie Petrenko to Roberto and Darlene Marsico and Janet Hamby, deed, Lake Thunderbird Hills L:301, $177,000.

Samer and Wajih Kanjo to Michael Keel, deed, Lake Thunderbird Woods Plat #3 L:558, $0.

Felix and Loretta Salazar to Rodger Bruyn, deed, Lake Thunderbird Woods L: 213 and 214, $197,000.

John and David Walton to Lacey and Erik Gruenwald, deed, 02-08-160-000 Q:NE S:9 T:32 R:1, $110,000.

Emagene and Douglas Sulmonetti, Vicki Harrison and Janda Nordstrom to KCK Marine, deed, Village of Hennepin L:13 B:3 and L:15 B:3, $8,500.

Michael Moore to Andrew Cioni, deed, Charles H. Young Addition - Granville L:14, $111,000.

Sept. 6, 2022

Robert and Elizabeth Entwhistle to Robert and Elizabeth Entwhistle Trust, deed, 04-16-012-000 Q:NE S:26 T:31 R:1 and Q:NE S:26 T:31 R:1, $0.

William Erickson to William Erickson Revocable Living Trust, deed, 02-25-161-000, 02-25-230-000, 02-26-280-000, Q:SE S:29 T:33 R:1 and Q:SW S:28 T:33 R:1, $0.

Sept. 7, 2022

Dynegy Midwest Generation LLC to CCR Surface Impoundment, deed, Q:NE S:26 T:33 R:2 and Q:NW S:26 T:33 R:2, $0.

Sept. 8, 2022

Kaycie Whitmer and Mitch Milson to Anthony Walk, deed, 02-00-084-050 Village of Mark L:1, $0.

Sept. 9, 2022

Richard, Joseph, Gerald, Geno and Leona Mecagni at Trustees to Joseph Mecagni, deed, 01-00-039-074 Village of Hennepin L:19 B:8, $0.

Sept. 12, 2022

Keirsa Novotney, Gail Cochran and James and Marjorie Goldasich, deed, 04-00-055-285 McNabb Development Corp Add. Restricted, $0.

Leonard Nolder and Kimberly Jayich to Chris and Sarah Dewaele, deed, Indian Hills L:36, $5,000.

Mark, Kurt, Kent and Scott Kunkel to Mark Kunkel, Blukel 1959 Land Trust, deed, 02-20-040-000 Q:NW S:35 T:32 R:1, $0.

Christopher and Sharon Kunkel to Mark, Kurt, Kent and Scott Kunkel, deed, 02-20-040-000 Q:NW S:35 T:32 R:1, $0.

James A, Adeline, James E and Sheila Moriarty and Kelly Ossola to Raymond and Shellie Madsen, deed, Village of Mark L:56, $3,000.

Sept. 14, 2022

Amanda and Antonio Elizondo to Keith and Susana Dehmer, deed, Lake Thunderbird Woods L:74, $85,000.

Joseph Kowalczyk to Jill Kowalczyk, deed, 01-29-113-000 Q:SE S:36 T:33 R:2, $0.

Sept. 16, 2022

Jill Ketter and Clallia Bouxsein to Jessie Bouxsein, deed, 01-03-010-000 Q:NE S:31 T:32 R:1, $25,000.

Sept. 19, 2022

Christopher Lidgus to Sasa Nesic, deed, Lake Thunderbird Hills L:170, $5,000.

Robert Judd to Jacob Parcher, deed, Indian Hills L:167, 168, 169 and 166, $113,000.

Pascual, Daniel and Socorro Ramirez to Alex Veronda, deed, Archibald W. Hopkins Second Addition L:6 and L:5, $85,000.

Lyle Calkins to LLC Zagrit, deed, 02-00-055-070 Q:SW S:33 T:33 R:1, $61,000.

Diana Reed to David Reed, deed, 04-00-055-090 McNabb Development Corp. Addition, $0.

Stanley Reed to Davis Reed, deed, 04-00-055-090 McNabb Development Corp. Addition, $0.

Toni Lawley to Joseph Raines and Michaela Eddy, deed, 02-02-330-000 Q:SE S:4 T:32 R:1, $195,000.

Michael Villarreal and Kim Arellano-Villareal to Matthew and Janice Archer, deed, 02-11-230-000 Q:SE S:11 T:32 R:1, $145,000.

Andrea Mason, Amanda Buchannan and Jessica Milner to Robert and Christina Mennie, deed, Village of Hennepin L:2 B:24, $35,000.

Sept. 20, 2022

Dale Marciniak, Gerald Wright, Kim and Richard Bickett to Rafal Gruca, deed, Lake Thunderbird Hills L: 289, $0.

Rhonda Brown to Duncan and Theresa Brown, deed, 01-25-242-000 Q:SW S:35 T:32 R:2, $0.

Sept. 21, 2022

Cheng Huang to Bradley and Heidi Wink, deed, 02-01-153-002 Q:NW S:2 T:32 R:1, $313,000.

Sept. 22, 2022

Michael Haun to Justin and Rachel Durdan, deed, 02-02-095-000 Q:NW S:4 T:32 R:1, $185,000.

Nora Bitar to Landers Farm LLC, deed, 03-18-05-000, 03-08-070-000, 03-07-280-000, Q:SE S:35 T:14 R:9 and Q:SE S:35 T:14 R:9, $0.

Dennis Sears to Landers Farm LLC, deed, 03-18-050-000, 03-08-070-000, 03-07-280-000, Q:SE S:35 T:14 R:9 and Q:SE S:36 T:14 R:9, $0.

Dianna Dornbusch and Marjorie Haws to D&S Haws Trust, deed, 04-20-030-000 Q:NE S:34 T:31 R:1, $0.

Gerald, Richard and Joseph Mecagni and Geno and Leona Survivors Trust to Christopher and Wendy Elliot, deed, 02-00-098-130 Village of Standard L:66, $0.

Sept. 23, 2022

Cheryl Stoddard - Life Estate to Justin and Alicia Stoddard, deed, Lincolnshire Addition - Granville 02-00-081-040, $0.

Kenneth Knapp Trust #1 and #2 to Kevin and Sarah Knapp, deed, 04-26-222-000 Q:NE S:36 T:31 R:2, $30,660.

Ricky and Machael York to Benjamin Cyr, deed, Village of Hennepin L:8 B:13 and L:7 B:13, $49,000.

Diana Lamar to Diana Lamar Trust, deed, Lake Thunderbird Woods L:206 and L:207, $0.

Sept. 26, 2022

John and Lisa Clark to John and Lisa Clark Living Trust, deed, Lake Thunderbird Hills Play #2 L:411, $0.

Sept. 28, 2022

George and Patricia Korinek to Kathleen Cortez Revocable Trust, deed, Lake Thunderbird Hills Plat #2 L:429, $0.

Stuart Owens to Mitch Cohen, deed, 01-06-090-000 Q:NW S:12 T:31 R:2, $0.

Sandra Degroot to Clover Club LLC, deed, St Pauls Coal Company 2nd Addition 02-00-091-010, 02-00-091-020 and 02-00-091-030, $120,000.

Michael Mason to Raymond Cox Trust, deed, Village of Hennepin L:3 B:13 and L:4 B:13, $255,000.

Sept. 29, 2022

Frances and Steven Weiss to Michael and Linda Gonet, deed, 02-26-140-000 Q:SW S:29 T:33 R:1, $38,000.

Sept. 30, 2022

Jerry Boekeloo to James Boekeloo, deed, 01-11-046-000 Q:SW S:10 T:32 R:2, $0.

Thomas and Janet Nowicki to Vladas Kriauciunas and Jurate Kriauciuniene, deed, Laker Thunderbird Hills L:483, $0.