Election 2022: Davis, Yednock claim state rep victories

State Rep. Lance Yednock (D-Ottawa) speaks to a large crowd during a groundbreaking ceremony for the new YMCA on Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2022 in Ottawa.

La Salle County had two contested state representative races. The other races are uncontested.

75th District

Republican Jed Davis is claiming victory against Heidi Henry for a seat in the General Assembly after pulling off a win against incumbent David Allen Welter in the GOP primary.

Davis announced his win in the election on Instagram on Tuesday night. He is a trustee of the village of Newark and board president of Parkview Christian Academy in Yorkville.

According to unofficial results as of 10:55 p.m., Davis held a 21,690 to 14,046 vote lead.

Henry was slated to run for state representative by the Democratic Party chairs. Henry is the founder of Acres of Peace Therapeutic Center for Veterans and is the owner of Woodland Meadows Stables.

Redrawn following the 2020 census, the new district includes northern Grundy County, much of Kendall County and parts of eastern La Salle County and southern DeKalb County.

76th District

Lance Yednock (D-Ottawa) claimed victory over Jason Haskell, a Peru Republican, reporting at 10:30 p.m. that Haskell had called to concede.

“All I can say is I am completely humbled and honored to be the representative in Springfield for the 76th District,” Yednock said. “My team worked hard and the reason we were reelected is because we spent time listening to our constituents.”

Yednock, who will take office for a third term, has said he believes the top three legislative issues facing his district are related to infrastructure, state spending and broadband technology.

The district has been redrawn to include DeKalb County, along with La Salle, Bureau and Putnam counties.

Other districts

Republican Bradley J. Fritts was uncontested in the 74th District after defeating Li Arellano in the primary, Republican Dennis Tipsword Jr. was uncontested in the 105th District after defeating three challengers in the primary and Republican Thomas Bennett was uncontested in the 106th District.