2022 Election: Boedigheimer bests Gonet in Putnam County Sheriff race

Boedigheimer leads Gonet by a vote count of 1725 to 1093

The 2022 General Election race for Putnam County Sheriff was run by Democratic Candidate Joshua Boedigheimer and Republican Candidate Brian Gonet.

The 2022 race for Putnam County Sheriff was run by Joshua Boedigheimer (D) and Brian Gonet (R).

As of 8:31 p.m., Boedigheimer leads Gonet with a vote count of 1725 to 1093 with 100% of precincts reporting.

All vote totals are considered unofficial and are created from monitoring local county election results.

“I’d like to give a thanks to the community and my supporters that came out and voted,” Boedigheimer said. “It was a pretty good turnout for voting this time around and their voices were heard. They picked an individual who is experienced, qualified and prepared for this job.”

Gonet made a statement on his campaign Facebook page congratulating Boedigheimer on his win.

“Congratulations to (Boedigheimer) on a well run campaign. Thank you so much for all those who voted for me. I’m proud of the race I’ve run and putting my best self forward.”

Boedigheimer is a Mark resident who has served as Putnam County Deputy Sheriff and Trident Narcotics Team Commander. He holds a Criminal Justice Degree from IVCC and Illinois State University and holds a Police Training Institute Certificate from University of Illinois and a Supervisor of Police Personnel Certificate from Northwestern University.

Boedigheimer’s stated three main priorities over the course of his time in office would be advancing the Sheriff’s Office to meeting the changing landscape of law enforcement, proactively address crime to keep the community safe and continue strong relationships with the community, first responders and local law enforcement.

On the topic of crime, Boedigheimer stated that illegal narcotics are a leading cause to crimes in the area, as he will support the deputies in a community policing approach to address all types of crime in the county.

“Moving forward with the Sheriff’s Office, I want to continue to bring a professional level of community-oriented policing to Putnam County,” Boedigheimer said.