Putnam County property transfers: May 2023

Putnam County Courthouse

Here are the Putnam County property transfers for May of 2023.

May 1

Alina Woronowicz to Tyler Fritz, deed, Lake Thunderbird Hills Plat #3 L:667, $2,700.

Bart and Christina Whitney to Alan and Ruthann Brizgis, deed, 04-15-261-000 Q:SE S:25 T:31 R:1, $401,962.

Mitchell Cohen to Tyler McClellan and Mollie Benner, deed, 01-06-092-000 Q:NW S:12 T:31 R:2, $108,000.

May 4

Clover Club LTD to Christine Moriarty, deed, 02-04-191-060 St. Paul’s Coal Company 2nd Addition - Mark, $90,000.

Louis Esposito and Leslie Mueller to Leslie Mueller, deed, Lake Thunderbird Hills L:98, $1,000.

May 5

Elbert Brainard to Brenda Fowls, deed, 04-00-038-050 Patterson’s Addition - Magnolia, $0.

Edmund and Rachel Sment to Mikayla Sheppard, deed, 02-00-082-090 Shepard’s Addition - Mark L: 3, $65,000.

Nicole Zellmer to Simon Burcham, deed, 04-08-241-000 Q:SE S:15 T:31 R:1, $123,000.

May 9

Richard Fiedler and Fiedler Family Trust to Kyle and Holly Wilson, deed, 02-16-030-000 Q:NW S:22 T:32 R:1, $165,000.

Betty Tonarelli to Tricia Tonarelli, deed, 01-00-048-135 Wares Addition - Hennepin L:3 and 4, $0.

May 10

Edward Vock to Bart and Christina Whitney, deed, 02-20-040-000 Q:NW S:35 T:32 R:1, $694,548.

Nora Bitar to Landers Farm LLC, deed, multiple properties, $0

Judith Bartow and Roger John to Rod Laatz, deed, Indian Hills L:217, $1,300.

Donald Wede to Nathan and Jessica Kocher, deed, Lake Thunderbird Woods L:328, $2,500.

May 11

Joshua and Jamie Taylor to Clarence and Kay Taylor, deed, Indian Hills L:215, $0.

Waite Family Revocable Trust to Michael and Michelle Waite, deed, Lake Thunderbird Hills L:95, $0.

May 12

Duane, Gerald, and William Calbow to Lenny and Kari Matuszewski, deed, Replat Lake Thunderbird Woods Lots 89-10, $4,000.

Wilson Wolf to Teresa Timmerman and Wilson Wolf income trust, deed, Q:NE S:23 T:31 R:1, $0.

May 15

Jack Barnes and Shelby Pellino to Brian and Jeanine Reese, deed, 02-30-030-000 Q:SW S:33 T:33 R:1, $210,000.

Jay Yarrington to Alice Yarrington, deed, 03-07-260-000 Q:NW S:35 T:14 R:9, $0.

Sheriff of Putnam County to Kyle Krystofek and Sara and Jody Taliani, deed, 02-00-071-020 Archibald Hopkins - Granville, $0.

May 17

Kevin Bauer to James Robbins and Kevin Bauer, deed, Lake Thunderbird Hills L:384, $1,500.

May 18

Stanley Shevokas to David and April Miranda, deed, 02-00-059-155 Colby’s Second Addition - Granville, $7,000.

Donald Bouxsein to Donald and Barbara Bouxsein, deed, 01-05-021-000 Q:NW S:2 T:31 R:1, $0.

Richard Steele to Gary and Philip Leo and David Schnepper, deed, 03-00-073-190 Lake Thunderbird Woods Plat #4 L:622, $3,000.

Joseph Manfredini to Joseph Manfredini, deed, 04-26-015-000, $0.

May 19

Daryl Hedlin to Erin Hedlin Knowles and Blake Hedlin, deed, Lake Thunderbird Woods Plat #3 L:562, $0.

Dieter and Eva Holz to Dieter and Eva Holz Declaration of Trust, deed, Lake Thunderbird Woods Plat #3 L:498, $0.

May 22

Dawn, Jeffery and Terry Dove to James Petersen, deed, 03-00-085-090 Indian Hills L:265, $1,500.

Connie Johnson and Gregory and Daniel Kotecki to Connie Johnson and Gregory Kotecki, deed, multiple properties, $0.

David and Shirley Davis to Anthony Athlers, deed, 04-21-230-000 Q:SW S:35 T:31 R:1, $15,000.

May 25

Sheriff of Putnam County to Village of Magnolia, deed, 04-00-041-020 Casteel’s Addition - Magnolia, $0.

May 26

Paula Gorski and Paula and Russell McClenning to Paula and Russell McClenning, deed, 02-00-071-250 Archibald Hopkins Addition - Granville, $0.

May 30

Bernie and Laurie Kamps to Kamps Illinois Farms LLC, deed, multiple properties, $0.

Marek and Dorota Sikora to Sikora Family Trust, deed, Lake Thunderbird Woods L:112, $0.

Mary and David Hunter to David Hunter, deed, Lake Thunderbird Hills Plat #3 L:662, $0.

David and Shelley Gorenz to David, Shelley and Rachel Gorenz, deed, Lake Thunderbird Hills Plat #3 L:642, $0.

Connie Johnson and Gregory and Daniel Kotecki to Daniel Kotecki, deed, Q:SW S:27 T:33 R:1, $0.

Roger and Coralyn Meier to Timothy and Gloria Fleenor, deed, Lake Thunderbird Hills Plat #3 L:648, $170,000.

Joseph Lafevre to Owen, Marie, Conor and Emily O’Reilly, deed, Lake Thunderbird Hills L:69, $3,000.

Benjamin Cyr to Austin Araujo, deed, Village of Hennepin L:8 B:13 and L:7 B:13, $185,000.

Cheryl Maloney to Jolanta Brzeski, deed, Q:NW S:7 T:14 R:10, $100,000.