When Is It Time for Hospice?

Oakwood Memorial Park - When Is It Time for Hospice?

The prospect of losing our loved ones is always a difficult, emotional thing to consider.

Unfortunately, it is also a fact of life that we must all face. For those who are dealing with a terminal illness, this fact becomes even more apparent for them and their families. There may come a time when medical treatment is no longer viable, so the priority becomes making the person as comfortable as possible during their remaining time. This is when it’s time to consider hospice care.

Declining Life Signs

Terminal illnesses are wide-ranging and so are the symptoms of a decline in wellbeing. These signs can be physical and mental in nature.

Common physical signs include recurring infections and sickness, rapid decline in overall health, an increase in pain, shortness of breath, loss of appetite, loss of bodily functions and frequent hospitalizations.

While the physical effects can be detrimental, other signs go beyond the body. Stress, anxiety and the general knowledge that they are in a potential end of life stage can take a serious toll on their mental and emotional states as well. This may include making funeral plans and final requests, giving away personal items, speaking out of character, constantly apologizing, or acting withdrawn and isolated.

These signs and symptoms are difficult for all to deal with, but the most important thing to remember is the goal to help your loved one feel comfortable and at peace.

What Hospice Care Does

Hospice is a benefit fully covered by Medicare, and usually established if a doctor determines the life expectancy to be less than six months.

It is a form of treatment that focuses on the whole patient, not just any particular symptom or ailment. This form of care addresses the physical, mental and spiritual needs of the person and will help make their journey of passing as comfortable and prepared as possible.

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