Green Burials: What Are They and Why Choose Them?

While standard in-ground burials, or above-ground burials in a mausoleum or crypt remain the most common types of burial, there is another alternative that many families consider: Green burials.

What are green burials?

Green – or natural – burials are simple and beneficial to the environment. With this type of burial, the body is not cremated or prepared with embalming fluids as they would be for a standard burial. The goal of green burials is to allow for natural decomposition, so the body is usually placed in a biodegradable coffin without a concrete vault. Thus, the gravesite itself becomes part of nature.

Why you might choose this type of burial

One of the big reasons people choose green burials is for their basic procedure and lower cost. Because the body is wrapped in a shroud and/or placed in a simple coffin, it allows for a quicker and easier process. Additionally, the cost of green burials is lower than standard because there are no chemicals in the body or expenses for caskets or vaults.

Another reason that families may want this type of burial is because it’s environmentally sustainable.

Green burials share many of the philosophies of conservation and natural science that something like Earth Day aims to promote and educate people on. It helps reduce the usage of natural resources such as wood and steel, eliminates a chemical presence, and it’s a way to support and sustain natural landscapes. Often, native trees and plants are located at the burial sites with naturally-preserved areas that do not use fertilizer or pesticides.

Green burials are becoming more common for these reasons and may be something that you and your family will consider.

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