Eye On Illinois: Make your April voting plan now; readers weigh in

Have you made your plan?

Early voting for the April 6 consolidated election begins Thursday, Feb. 25. Conventional registration or address change applications are open until Tuesday, March 9, after which begins the grace period. Want to vote by mail? Applications must be in by April 1.

If you have questions about how things will work in your precinct, contact your county clerk’s office. Unsure about your registration status? Visit the state Board of Elections at ova.elections.il.gov/RegistrationLookup.aspx. With your name, birthdate and street address, the site will spit out your status, a link to the county clerk’s office, another link for early voting/grace period sites, the address of your regular polling place and, in my case, 17 different local, state and federal district classifications.


Republican voters are frequent emailers. A recent sample regarding the national party:

“RINO Adam Kinzinger is now going public and asking for SNITCHES to come forward with ANY information about President Trump!!!! We are strong Conservative Republicans and are very angry that Kinzinger seems to be allowed to be a loose cannon to OUR Party. The RNC needs to do whatever they have to, because LIBERAL Adam Kinzinger is completely out of control and SHOULD NOT be in OUR Republican Party!!!”

An excerpt from a staunch backer of the first GOP gubernatorial candidate:

“I don’t know how well you know Gary Rabine, but I can tell you he is a first class human being. … Speak to Gary’s employees to find out the type of person he is. Most will tell you how much they appreciate him, and his style of leadership. IMO, Illinois does not need another political hack, or someone who is there to line their pockets or satiate their lust for power. … The state of Illinois is a cluster of bad people, bad policy, and to continue electing typical politicians doesn’t seem to be working does it? I would take someone who is a servant leader any day.”

This writer didn’t identify a party, but shared a take on federally-mandated standardized tests:

“Taking the standardized test … will expose how badly we are treating our children who are not ready for remote learning. Face time. They need face time. We all know this. I agree, this school year has not been normal. All the more reason for this test. Show the world the overall cost the unions have put upon these children. We should all request a refund this year. I paid my taxes. These teachers do not deserve their pay. All students probably need to be held back. This needs to be exposed. I push for the test. Let’s show the expected poor results.”

As always, I appreciate the feedback.

• Scott T. Holland writes about state government issues for Shaw Media Illinois. Follow him on Twitter at @sth749. He can be reached at sholland@shawmedia.com.