While candidates pass petitions, committee races underway

Political committee reps distribute party platform, voter registration info

How is it decided who facilitates items such as political party platform information and voter registration information?

That falls into the lap of a committee-person or committee-persons in Illinois, and it varies who gets the position depending on the party. Current 16th District committee-person and candidate for the new 14th District committee-person Position Christine Benson said members of the Democratic Party vote on two representatives while the Republican Party appoints a chairperson.

Benson, along with Tom T. Walsh, hopes to hold her chairperson position in the 14th district after the redrawing of the lines.

“We represent leadership within the Democratic Party,” Benson said. “It’s not a position that’s voted on by the general public, and by the time the primary rolls around we’re already in position.”

While not a position the public selects, a committee chairperson still holds the important part of making sure people get out to vote and understand the party platform.

Walsh and Benson were both present Sunday talking to constituents who opted to sign new 14th Congressional District candidate and current 14th District U.S. Representative Lauren Underwood’s petition to get on the ballot.

“I don’t want people to get frustrated and say their vote isn’t worth anything here,” Benson said. “Their vote is worth everything, regardless of who wins. This is always worth it.”